3D Animation Ideas 2023


The use of animation in marketing, training, and other fields has grown substantially. Because of the trend, animators are constantly keeping an eye on what kinds of content are popular and likely to gain viewers in the future. 

3D animation trends 

Hyper-Realistic CGI

This type of project reflects the realistic 3D image of an object. CG images can depict literally anything, including future exterior or interior design of a building, in photo realistic quality and great detail.

CGI human

Cute Cartoon 3D Animations

This 3D trend is focused on cute rounded characters with vivid contrasting colours. This is amazing for short films, and movies dedicated to children’s entertainment.

Cute 3D Cartoon

Psychedelic Animation

This type looks trippy and mind-bending in motion. A futuristic abstract animation full of colour. Trippy, colourful, and psychedelic are three words to describe it. A counterculture to reflect the chaos of today and draw strength from within. The animated videos wake up our carefree spirit with incredible lucid visuals and entrancing design.

Psychedelic Dreams by Teera

Custom Mascot Characters

Beautifully modelled in 3D, a Custom Mascot Character will appear more alive, realistic, and cute compared with a flatter 2D image, boosting audience engagement. It can be used in commercial advertising such as print advertising, TV commercials, and marketing animations. The figure can also be a model for an actual toy.

3D Character

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