Are NFT's here to stay?

punk rocker with mucle car by xcephasx

You already know what what NFT stands for. If you dont then you probably shouldnt be reading this. 


In this new world being created day in and day out by technology. We never know what exciting new trend is going to take the world by storm. I use the word "trend" because we are trending towards a new freedom. A new way of life. 


The words platforms for sharing media and content are being controlled by those who are power hungry. They strive each day to make their algorithms better to keep your attention for longer and longer. If you do create content on their platforms, they pretty much keep you in a slave/master relationship. Having to pump out content to their guidelines and pace. 


A new platform has now emerged though. A place where the creators can regain the control. Any kind of artist can upload and connect their works of art to millions of collectors and other art traders. It all seems like scifi but its not. its NFT's. These tokens are recharging the art landscape in a way we have never seen before. They are taking away the horrendous stigma of "broke artist" 


If youre an artist on the rise looking for ways to diversify your revenue coming in. Then this is a perfect way for you to get started. Not everything is as easy as 1,2,3. But once you find the right groups to share your content in. you can get started and rolling like a breeze. 


What will you create today?

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