Dealing with music industry pressure

Navigating the music industry can seem like walking in the dark. Its a series of mazes. One bad turn and you can find yourself in a deal you were not to keen on. One good door and you can find yourself in front of a group of adoring fans. 

From the outside perspective it can seem like you are a crazy person. Juggling all these various loose ends trying to make them all meet. You are not alone in this turmoil. Many other musicians and artists alike face these challenges everyday. 

You have to understand that, progress is slow. Things take time to mature. Seeds do not sprout over night. By investing slowly but often in yourself. You create more opportunities to make good choices in your career. 


You do not need to wrap your whole life in your musical pursuit. Finding other hobbies and things to do outside of your art will help you step out of your bubble. Giving you a different perspective on things. 


As a creative Director I help various musicians navigate the industry and find their way. What ever it might be, that's helping with beat selection or with the artwork. It can really help to have a buddy system when making art that you want lots of eyes to see. 


Feel free to contact me on my various communicaiton channels. I hope this article helped. 

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