Guide to Email Marketing for Artists in 2023

Email Marketing allows musicians to connect with their fans regularly, to reach out to new audiences, and to showcase their talent as an artist to big record labels. 

Here’s a quick guide on how you can market yourself as an artist by using your email.

1. Collect contact details

  • Create a spreadsheet with your contact list. Separate Columns by First Name, Last name, Email Address, and Contact Number.
  • Collect contact details from your website, hire a lead generation specialist or do it manually by looking up contact details from your fans or target audience’s social media accounts.

2. Compose a personal and high quality email. You can look for templates online but best to edit the thing so it wouldn’t feel that you took it from the internet. Use GMASS extension so you can personalize it. You should be able to address Names of recipients. Remember to have a high quality email composition.
3. Send a test email
4. Send the emails using GMASS
5. Create Follow Up Emails

Email marketing is a powerful tool for you. Build it into your weekly routine. Learn to write regularly about your music. Learn to use tools and embrace modern marketing techniques. By doing the hustle, you are carving your way to a successful music career.

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