How to Make an Animated Music Video this 2023

Presenting an animated music video is a creative and enjoyable way to promote your music.

The following are the steps to creating an animated music video for your next music release:
  1. Choose a song: Choose a song for which you want to create an animated music video. When choosing a song, think about its tone, tempo, and lyrics.
  2. Create a preliminary storyboard outlining the main actions and visual components of your music video. Consider how you want to visually reflect the song's lyrics and story.
  3. Select a style: Determine the type of animation you wish to employ. Hand-drawn, stop-motion, 2D, or 3D animation can be used.
  4. Collect resources: Depending on the style you choose, you may need to collect resources.
  5. To make the animation, use applications such as Blender. To add movement to your illustrations, you can either build the animation frame by frame or use motion graphics.
  6. Add music and sound effects: Align the music and sound effects with the animation. Ascertain that the sound is in time with the action and contributes to the overall viewing experience.
  7. Edit and refine: Make any necessary changes to the animation. Take note of the video's timing, tempo, and flow.
  8. Export and share: Once you're happy with the finished output, export it in formats appropriate for different platforms. Share the animated music video on social media or upload it to video-sharing services like YouTube.
You can make an entertaining animated music video that displays your music and tells a story by following these steps.

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