Is Ice Spice the New Hiphop Princess?

Ice Spice, a rising rapper, has been gaining attention recently. Ice Spice, a new rapper on the scene, became famous after her viral TikTok video to the 'Buss It' challenge in 2021. Before starting her music career, she planned to become a beautician. Despite being an upcoming artist in the American rap scene, Ice Spice has recently gained more recognition due to her association with other well-known figures like Drake.

Despite her relative newcomer status, Ice Spice has already begun to make a name for herself in the industry. Her unique style (including her signature bounty of red curls), catchy beats, and relatable lyrics have earned her a dedicated fan base.

With her growing popularity and undeniable talent, it's clear that Ice Spice is the new Hip-hop Princess. 

Bronx rapper Ice Spice began her 2023 takeover by releasing her debut EP, Like…? via 10K Projects/Capitol Records. Stream it via Spotify below.


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