Last Minute Holiday Marketing for 2022

Ho! Ho! Ho! The holidays are here! November is ending and here comes that time of the year! We know you started planning your holiday marketing efforts months ago. Right? If you’re suddenly beginning to panic, don’t worry. xCephasx is here to help! 

Video-specifically an animation, is one of the most effective tools  for engaging your customers. 

Here are three examples of companies that created holiday animated marketing videos that resonated with their audience.

 M&M'S Chocolate Advertisement

Marks & Spencer Advertisement

 Pringles Christmas Ad

If you already have a holiday campaign running, congrats! You’re ready to promote your brand this holiday season. If not, there’s still a short period of time to make a quick marketing campaign. If you’re looking to have a short animated marketing campaign, xCephasx Studios will help you out. Contact us today and let’s work together this holiday season!


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