The importance of great Album Art

Having great album artwork can go a long way. Especially when you are a new artist. it is a great way to get eyes on your work, even before the listener presses play. 

You can also start to create a theme. Even better yet, you can start to create the world. Where you musical act lives. Great examples of this are kid Cudi and Kanye West. They music has so much soundscape to it that just by looking at the art you are drawn in by it. 

Looking for a good art designer can seem challenging. You should invest in a good one and make sure that they stand out from the crowd.  Dont be afraid to take risks with your artwork. It will attract the right crowd. 


If you are looking for gfx, illustrations or 3d artwork. Be sure to tap in with me by messaging me on instagram or by behance. I create eye catching visual work for many artists around the world. 

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