Understanding Stage Presence as an Artist

We are living in a digital age where music is becoming more and more devalued. Creating music and creating your art somehow people believe its taken a back seat. These are lies that you shouldn't believe. Creating music is still as important as ever. 


Although the "bag". The money is coming more and more from live shows. You can make up to 4x what you making via streaming. Also you dont have to wait a year to get your money. Some artists have never even hit the stage before in their careers. So unless you have previous experience. You might still have a lot to learn. 

Nobody wants to see you sing along to your songs with the lyrics on them. You have to come correct. Being charismatic and being able to command the stage is very important. Always perform like there is 50k people in the venue. By envisioning yourself in that mindset your fanbase will grow. If you happen to mess up and forget a lyric or stumble on stage its ok. You have to go with the flow and be professional. Act like it was all a part of your act. Working the stage can seem daunting to many artists. But you have to make people pay attention to you. You have to work the left side, the right side and of course center stage. Think of it like public speaking but at a larger more entertaining scale. 

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