Understanding your online value

How valuable are you right now? All the videos, all the songs. Can you calculate that? 


Understanding ones value in this day an age can be a question leaving most puzzled. You shouldnt feel out of place as most people really have no idea. We have so much outlets these days to share content and create it. You can get lost as to where you fit in to all of it. 


Truthfully the only thing you should worry about measuring is your own progress. Your own routines and algorithms. These are the things in your control, and the things that will increase your online real estate. Going forward that will be one of the few things that matter. 


Look at the introductory of META. They want to create this sim like world. So where will your music content, or video content. Where will it fit into this new dimension. This new landscape of media? Thats a question only you can answer. You answer it by staying consistant with your brand and evolving where it makes sense. 


So the next time someone asks you about your online real estate. You can let them know. 

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