Why Use 3D Animation in Advertising?

What is a 3D Animation Advertisement?

A 3d animation advertisement is a video advertisement made with three-dimensional characters and objects for promoting your brand or your business. 

Why use 3D Animation Videos for Marketing your Brand or Business?

3D Animated Videos for Advertisement is engaging and sharable. This allows your business boost sales. 

With the 3D Visuals, you can advertise your product or service to grab more attention and  level up your brand identity.

For example, 3D commercial of Cadbury Dairy Milk- Aliens

It's not just the marketing advantage. The  flexibility of having a 3D animation campaign means you have control over anything that you can imagine. 

For example, 3D Music Video for KSI featuring Lil Durk

Marketing your music is now easier with 3D animation. Compared to live production, 3D animation is less time-consuming on your end. You don’t need to hire actors, create a set, invest in lighting, or get high-quality cameras, hire a videographer or find a location. With 3D animation, the sky is the limit. You only need a team that specializes in 3D Visuals like our studio-- xCephasx Studios.

How Can We Help You Create Animated Videos? 

xCephasx Studios is a rising 3D animation studio. We offer graphic designs, and other types of visuals for marketing including 3D animation.

We have worked with clients from the music industry and other brands, helping them make their advertising campaigns easier and better. 

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in creating excellent and ROI-driven 3D animation videos.

Get your first 3D animation ad ready.

Contact xCephasx Studios and let’s discuss what kind of animated videos would work best for your business.

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